Valerie Writes


This is Valerie’s creative workspace.

Launched in 2013, Valerie Writes is a collection of fiction and non-fiction: poems, creative non-fiction, personal essays, and stories. Some of the work shown here is published elsewhere, most of it is not.

The site includes creative non-fiction, works-in-progress:

And it includes fiction, works-in-progress (see categories under Read a Collection of Somethings):

  • Celaire’s Crush
  • Divided We Fall
  • Nothing
  • Rejected for Publication
  • The Agony of Living

So, while the website has original, unpublished and published pieces, but it also draws from previous work:

Another Writing Project (2011—2012). A year-long project, and home for (mostly) non-fiction articles and personal essays.

A Creative Way Out of Work (2010—2011). A year-long creative writing project that provided a place to post her creative non-fiction pieces, poetry, and bits of fiction, much of it previously published.

Letters to My Girlfriends (2008; revised 2016), a continuous, fictional story told in a series of letters, blog-style, and Valerie’s first experiment with the online writing process.

People, Places, and Things (2007—2010). Metroland Media Group Ltd., a TorStar Digital property.

Poetry workbooks and chapbooks (1979—2014). Poems published and not-yet-published, collected in chapbooks and not-yet-collected, and works-in-progress.

You can reach Valerie at vlpoulin (at) sympatico (dot) ca.